Game Connection Europe 2022

Hosting three Game Connection Online, the Game Connection Europe was held in Paris for 2 days this year. Game Connection Europe is one of the gaming industry’s international events, offering a chance for businesses, developers, and investors to connect and communicate. Being one of the top game development companies, Hyperlink InfoSystem would never miss a chance to connect with 1,500+ senior decision-makers, and 750+ companies from around 60+ countries. That we got with Game Connection 2022.

The team of Hyperlink InfoSystem presented innovative gaming solutions enriched and enhanced with the latest technologies and trends, such as Metaverse, NFT marketplace and many more with higher. We, as the team of Hyperlink InfoSystem, are grateful to be part of this global technical event where we got a chance to enhance our global network by building new connections with attendees. The game connection 2022 was one of the glorious events of Hyperlink InfoSystem that offered lots of acknowledgement, outstanding responses and incredible attendee visits. We would love to meet you again next year